Indian Spices

Vayuputra International is a quality Exporter of Indian spices. Spices are mainly used as ingredients for preparing various dishes and food items. We are offering fresh and highly nutritious range of spices with high quality. We have been successfully catering to the requirement of our International buyers.

India is blessed with unique monsoon rains and attributed to the ideal tropical position. India has, since centuries, played a prominent role as the land of spices, utilizing these positive measures, produces 75 types of spices out of 109 listed with ISO. For this reason, India is called “Spice Capital of the World”.

Vayuputra International exports Whole, Ground and Blended Spices.

Whole Spices:

Red Chilly Whole
Red Chilly Whole Kashmiri
Turmeric Finger, Coriander Seeds
Cumin Seeds, Black Pepper
Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Parsley Seeds,
Cardamom, Fennel Seeds, Clove,
Fenugreek Seeds, Celery Seeds
Mustard Seeds, , Sesame Seeds, etc

Ground Spices:

Red Chilly Powder
Kashmiri Chilly Powder
Turmeric Powder
Coriander Powder
Cumin Powder
Black Pepper Powder
Fennel Powder
Fenugreek Powder, etc

Blended Spices:

Fish Masala
Vegetable Masala
Meat Masala
Chicken Masala
Biriyan Masala
Chhat Masala
Pavbhaji Masala
Sambar Masala
Paneer Tikka Masala, etc

Our spices are highly appreciated for freshness and longer shelf life making it ideal for adding rich flavor, aroma, and nutritious to the dishes. Our entire range of products is sourced from the leading vendors and farmers who utilize natural ingredients in the production. They use advance machine to process the array which help in retaining the freshness and nutritional content of the products.

Our ranges of spices are widely appreciated across the globe for quality, high nutritional value and excellent medicinal properties. Quality of our products has always been the motto and the priority of our company. We check the quality of our products at every level. We are very much aware of quality procedures and the products are checked on various quality parameters from the sourcing to the final shipment. This extent of quality measures makes us a successful Exporter of Indian Spices in the International market.

Packaging plays a vital role in maintaining the freshness and safety of the spices. We use quality packing materials to pack the array, so that we can ensure the freshness of the contents. We make sure that the packing is suitable for wholesalers, home supplies and food processing industry