Floor Carpet

Vayuputra International is a leading Exporter of complete range of handmade carpets known for its specialized product range, versatile design and supreme quality. We have been serving to our buyers with high quality and durable products across the globe. We export variety of handmade carpets, woven by magic creating human fingers which exhibit excellent workmanship.

We are committed towards providing high-end flooring at an affordable price. Our carpets have earned high repute among our buyers for its exclusive design and quality.

Our carpets are a piece of art and are sure to amplify and highlight the grandeur and grace of a house, office or Hotel. Our carpets are influenced by classical persian design and styles of contemporary artists. The designer rugs are crafted to engage you in their story and draw you into their warmth.

Range of carpets which we export:

Hand Knotted:

Hand knotted is one of the most popular traditional rug making method. This ancient technique includes Persian knot, Turkish knot, Tibetan knot. These rugs are valued for their beauty, durability and timeless elegance.

Vayuputra International export good quality of hand knotted carpets and rugs in a specific size, design and color using a variety of fibers including wool, viscose, silk and cotton etc.

Hand Tufted:

It is a widest selection of natural Hand Tufted rugs and carpets. These carpets are made of variety of material like fine wool, Silk and Viscose etc. It is useful for residential and commercial use in any season.

Loom Knotted:

It is a widest selection of natural Hand Woven rugs and carpet. It is made of fine wool and very much useful for residential and commercial purpose.


Moroccan carpets are made of natural fine wool. These carpets are fairly popular today for their decorative flexibility and reasonable pricing as compared to other styles of antique carpets

Colors are generally in neutral shades with designs ranging from ordered geometric shapes to a more free-form, expressive pattern. It is very much useful for residential purpose in any season and it controls noise pollution.

Flat Weave (Durries):

We export wide range of Flat Weave (Durries) in intricate design made of woolen and cotton as per the requirement of our buyers in diverse shapes, designs, sizes and patterns. We can offer the carpet in any design and size with any number of colors as per our buyer’s choice.

Vayuputra International is a prestigious Exporter of handmade Indian carpet ranging from Traditional to Contemporary style in various designs and colors. Our carpets are ideal for all occasion and will help in decorating Homes, Offices and Hotels in an elegant manner.

Vayuputra International believes in quality not in quantity. The quality of each and every product is checked thoroughly before shipping the goods to our buyers. Our carpets are extra-ordinary rich with unique patterns, designs and styles on their surface. As a unique and distinguish form of art, our carpets are characterized with its exclusive range of colors like pink, green, yellow, red, etc.

Our woolen carpets are made using wool yarn and are relatively expensive as compare to pure synthetics carpet. Silk and woolen carpets are more valued in the range of Hand knotted rugs.

We take utmost care in maintaining the high quality of our product and pay close attention to every detail to ensure that our buyers are always satisfied. We never compromise on quality under any circumstances.